The ECO4 CD ozone generator delivers 27 grams per hour of ozone at 6% concentration. It’s an environmentally friendly laundry system that is proven to decrease a facility’s energy consumption, while increasing labor efficiencies.

Supports:  (2) 200 to 500 lb. (116 to 227 kg) or (1) 400 to 920 lb. (181 to 418 kg) commercial washers

Dimensions:  19.50” h x 20.75” w x 9.00” d; 55 lbs.

Ozone Output:  27g/h @ 6% concentration

EcoTex Packages Include:
– EcoTex ozone generator

– Oxygen concentrator (wall-mount kit available)
– Ambient ozone controller
– EcoTex ozone diffuser
– Installation kit – delivery line, fittings, wall-mount brackets

NOTE: Each EcoTex package can be custom designed to meet your facilities needs.


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