ClearWater Tech, LLC

ClearWater Tech is a fully integrated company that designs, manufactures, services, markets, and supports ozone-applied technology products, serving a wide range of water and air purification applications and markets – since 1986.

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, ClearWater Tech markets globally and is proud to have thousands of installations around the world.

ClearWater Tech Markets:
•  Commercial Laundry
•  Indoor Air Quality
•  Problem Drinking Water
•  Aquaculture, Farming & Hatcheries
•  Greenhouses
•  Swimming Pools & Spas
•  Water Features
•  Beverage, Bottled Water, & Soft Drink
•  Wineries
•  Breweries
•  Cideries
•  Aquariums & Zoos
•  Agri-food Processing
•  Process Fluids
•  Cooling Towers