NatureWash-HD is an energy efficient ozone laundry system designed for small commercial applications that utilize 50-lbs or 24 kgs commerical washing machines.

The NatureWash-HD reduces energy consumption, water use, cycle times, chemicals, while extending fabric life. Easy to install it transforms cold water into a powerful cleaning agent by mixing normal tap water with the power of ozone directly into the wash water. A green technology that starts saving you money the minute you turn it on.

NatureWash HD1
Ozone Output:
1.3 g/h @ 3% concentration
Dimensions:  19.50” h x 11.50” w x 5.0” d; 14.50 lbs.
Supports:  One 25 to 50 lb. (11 to 23 kg.) washer

NatureWash HD2
Ozone Output:
2.6 g/h @ 3% concentration
Dimensions:  19.50” h x 15.25” w x 7.50” d; 34 lbs.
Supports:  Two 25 to 50 lb. (11 to 23 kg.) washers

Packages includes:

–    Corona discharge ozone generator
–    Internal air prep system
–    Injection manifold
–    Back flow prevention
–    Ambient ozone controller

–    Small to mid-sized hospitality
–    Long term care
–    Assisted care
–    Athletic facilities
–    Fluff & fold laundry
–    Dairy laundry
–    Small commercial laundry
–    Fire station laundry

See NatureWash-HD Specifications


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