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Tendercare Laundry of New Zealand Saves Money and Operates More Efficiently Using Ozone Technology

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) a New Zealand organization that promotes energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of energy from renewable sources, loves ozone laundry technology…and so do we. Tendercare Laundry, located in Rotorua NZ, dramatically reduced their energy usage, improved efficiency, reduced chemicals, and lowered their operating costs using the power […]
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Jim Massey’s Cleaners & Laundry Cut Operational Costs with EcoTex™ Laundry Disinfection Systems

Jim Massey’s Cleaners and Laundry, of Montgomery Alabama were looking to eliminate their high costs of hot water and chemicals used in their textile and garment restoration department. John Massey provided proof of the effectiveness and payback by using EcoTex Cold-Water Disinfection Systems on his washers. Engineered and manufactured by California based ClearWater Tech, EcoTex […]
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The Beverly Hills Hotel Installs an Energy Efficient EcoTex Laundry Ozone System

Renowned for it legendary celebrity guest list, the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel is now the home of two EcoTex Laundry Oxidation Systems. It joins our very large list of other notable hotels including the Crown Plaza, the Hilton in Sheffield, London, and the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto that utilize ozone technology in their laundry facilities. Your guests […]
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Reduce Your Hot Water Consumption by up to 86% With the EcoTex Ozone Laundry-Line of Systems & Receive Laundry Rebates!

Serving Small Boutique to Full-Service Hotels Retrofit one of our EcoTex cold-water ozone laundry line systems to your existing commercial on-premise washer and see significant natural gas savings and receive incentives and laundry rebates! Read details here… EcoTex Series of disinfection systems provide eco-friendly laundry technology that turns cold water into activated oxygen, nature’s safest, […]
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Benefits Outweigh Costs When Installing an Ozone Laundry System, According to 2017 Green Lodging Trends Report

According to this year’s Green Lodging Trends Report, Green Lodging News publisher, Glenn Hasek, asked hotel suppliers “If you considered an ozone laundry system but then later decided against it, what was the biggest obstacle(s) to its implementation?” The most common response was cost. According to Hasek, who has written many articles on the benefits […]
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Introducing the NEW NatureWash HD for Small to Mid-Sized Hotels

An EcoTex Series Product, the NatureWash HD is designed specifically for small commercial laundries using up to 50 lb washers. Applications include small hotels, fluff and fold, long term and assisted care, athletic facilities, dairy laundries, and laundry facilities for fire stations. NatureWash HD technology provides an eco-friendly, cold-wash laundry system that improves the quality […]
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EcoTex Adds its Name to the Green Lodging Trends Report for Advancing Hotel Sustainability

The Green Lodging Trends Report is the lodging industry’s annual exercise to assess and catalyze green innovation, best practices, and awareness regarding the state of sustainability across hotels worldwide. The survey, developed by Green Lodging News and Greenview, is designed to benchmark sustainable practices at lodging facilities. Tens of thousands of green lodging establishments around the planet […]
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The Clean Show’s Comin’ to Las Vegas, June 5-8th, and we’ll be in Booth 2279!

Every two years the commercial laundry industry gathers in one place for the world’s largest exposition in the industry. “This is a true milestone for the Clean Show,” said Mary Scalco, Clean 2017 chairman and CEO of Drycleaning and Laundry Institute. “The show has grown over the years to become one of the country’s top […]
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Introducing the NEW EcoTex Ozone Laundry App Available Today at the iTunes App Store!

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new EcoTex Ozone Laundry App. The new app is the “go-to” source for a host of features including, estimated total annual savings, ROI, equipment necessary, total equipment cost, essential product collateral, including our EcoTex videos, and more! For example, the EcoTex Ozone App will calculate […]
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If You Haven’t Thought About Ozone Injection to Your Laundry Operation, Now is the Time to Start Considering It

As consumers become more educated about ozone and its energy efficiency, the technology is increasingly being accepted by eco-conscious players in the marketplace. In this months issue of Planet Laundry Magazine, Jeff Gardner talks about the popularity of “ozonating” or sanitizing water and the evolution toward a “greener” way of cleaning, which is becoming more […]
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