ClearWater Tech, LLC has installed the first Best Western Corporate Approved Ozone Laundry System

April 19, 2011

ClearWater Tech, LLC, leading manufacturer of ozone systems for water and air purification is pleased to announce that its EcoTex – Advanced Laundry Oxidation System has been the first successfully installed Best Western International Inc. approved ozone laundry system.

The EcoTex system was installed at the Best Western Plus, Tempe by the Mall facility in Tempe, AZ, March 2011 nearby corporate headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. The Best Western facility by the mall is one of 4,000 independently owned and operated Best Western facilities worldwide, The World’s Biggest Hotel Family.

The Tempe location boasts 158 rooms, requiring three commercial on-premises laundry washers. Based on an audit of these washers and the programs used for traditional wash practices, the facility was spending as much as $66,000.00 annually for water heating (natural gas), electricity, water/sewer use, chemicals, and operating time and labor.

With the installation of the EcoTex O3 ozone laundry system and modification of the washer formulas, the facility has reduced the operating cost by the following:

• 86% – Hot Water/Natural Gas
• 29% – Chemicals • 32% – Electricity
• 37% – Labor Efficiency
• 34% – Water/Sewer

This is an overall savings of thirty-seven percent (37%) for the facility. The savings include the labor efficiency factor, which the facility states that they did not necessarily pay less in overall labor costs, however, the shorter and more efficient washer cycle times enabled their staff to provide other housekeeping duties and increase the number of loads laundered in the same time period. The overall savings has reduced the facility’s annual costs by nearly $25,000.00, providing a return-on-investment within 11 months.

In addition to the savings that the EcoTex systems provide, the staff is seeing secondary benefits. The facility’s housekeeping manager says “the linen is brighter, softer, and smells very fresh.” Other secondary benefits maybe realized including; decreased drying times, longer linen life and cleaner water discharged to the sewer.

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