Coinamatic Endorses EcoTex for Cost Savings, Customer’s Choice, and Green Product

November 4, 2019


Coinamatic, a leading provider of commercial laundry equipment and services in Canada, has integrated EcoTex as part of their laundry technology for years. Proven to save money, disinfect linens, reduce water consumption, and make your facility greener and improve your bottom line.



“Our customers have truly endorsed the EcoTex Ozone System, says Mike Pilolli, Vice President of Operations & Commercial Laundry.

They have significantly reduced operating costs and experienced their laundry
rooms operating more efficiently with reduced hot water consumption.

Our customers have also experienced extended linen life, whiter whites, fluffier and fresher linens, improved working conditions with more comfortable laundry room temperatures, and a clean smelling environment, not to mention a quick return on their investment!

This is an excellent green product for any commercial laundry room.”



Replace expensive multi-step wash programs that use excessive chemicals and hot water, with our eco-friendly laundry technology that turns cold water into activated oxygen, nature’s safest, most effective, disinfecting agent. EcoTex can provide a return-on-investment within 8 to 16 months.

Contact our ClearWater Tech sales team today and find out how you can improve your bottom line.

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