ClearWater Tech, LLC

Established in 1986, ClearWater Tech is a fully integrated company that designs, manufactures, services, markets, and supports ozone-applied technology products, serving a wide range of water and air purification applications and markets.

Located in San Luis Obispo, California, ClearWater Tech markets globally and has over 200,000 installations on six continents.

ClearWater Tech Markets:
•  Commercial Laundry
•  Indoor Air Quality
•  Problem Drinking Water
•  Aquaculture, Farming & Hatcheries
•  Greenhouses
•  Swimming Pools & Spas
•  Water Features
•  Beverage, Bottled Water, & Soft Drink
•  Wineries
•  Breweries
•  Aquariums & Zoos
•  Agri-food Processing
•  Process Fluids
•  Cooling Towers